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14 July 2010 @ 01:45 am
Twitter, the playground for Korean Celebrities.  
So Ashton Kutcher is the celebrity with the most followers on Twitter. We also have Lady Gaga and many other celebrities like say Nina Dobrev (Vampire Nights) updating their twitter to their followers almost every night.

If you think they are the only ones, nah uh, ya wrong.

Korean artists are having their fun with cyber space interactions with their fans too.

Say for example my current craze U-Kiss. What better way to get info of my favorite member Alexander Lee Eusebio, then twitter? The best part is, you don't need any gossip magazines/tabloids to spread rumours to know what these celebrities are really up to. Real life story is right on twitter.

Here's a long list of K-sters on twitter. My favorite's definitely Xander and Kevin's twitter cuz it's in ENGLISH! XD

U-Kiss (Kiseob really needs to start an account soon =.=)
Alexander - http://twitter.com/alexander_0729
Kevin - http://twitter.com/Kevinwoo91
Dongho - http://twitter.com/Dongho94
Kibum - http://twitter.com/90KKB (His hyung HyungJun - http://twitter.com/HyungJun87)
Eli - http://twitter.com/u_kisseli
Soohyun - http://twitter.com/ukissSH

Mir - http://twitter.com/BangMir

DNA Dae Geuk Nam Ah
Karam - http://twitter.com/karam0628
Jay - http://twitter.com/jay940331

Jo Kwon - http://twitter.com/2AMkwon

Nichkun - http://twitter.com/Khunnie0624

Brown Eyed Girls
Narsha - http://twitter.com/flyx2NAL

CSJH the Grace
Dana - http://twitter.com/melodana

Goo Hara - http://twitter.com/_sweethara
Nicole - http://twitter.com/_911007

'F4' Boys Over Flowers actors
Lee Min Ho - http://twitter.com/ActorLeeMinHo
Kim Bum - http://twitter.com/Actorkimbeom

Super Junior
SungMin - http://twitter.com/myblacksmile
Ee Teuk - http://twitter.com/special1004
Donghae - http://twitter.com/donghae861015

Other solo celebrities
Isak (Arrirang VJ/DJ) - http://twitter.com/realISAK
Lee Junki - http://twitter.com/JGshock
Jay Park (Former leader of 2pm) - http://twitter.com/JAYBUMAOM
Um Jung Hwa - http://twitter.com/love_tangle
Kim Yuna (Olympic gold-medalist ice skater) - http://twitter.com/Yunaaaa
Younha - http://twitter.com/younhaholic

Credits to allkpop.com ^~^ (I'm not a celebrity chaser ok... I am only obsess with twitter cuz Xander tweets every single day. LOL)