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05 October 2010 @ 01:14 pm
U-Kiss 4th album teaser + 'Shut Up' MV  

I don't know if fans of Kevin are screaming with joy or wiping their tears but my oh my what happened to my little dong saeng who use to be rank as top 10 most innocent idol? What's with the white choco abs?

Pity Xander, to quote him, being conservative, didn't strip. much to my disappointment. But I had fun teasing him about it with other Xanderettes and Kiss Mes.

I guess all the girls had their eyes set on the pretty Brazilian model who appeared in the music video. Eli and Soo Hyun seems especially contented. I wonder if she'll feel the laser beams back in Brazil when the official music video is out. Still NM Media is smart to use a foreign model because with the crazy fans, you might never know what's gonna happen if you use a Korean model.

Song wise, I kinda get hooked to this prelude with the boys' 'love you love you' replaying in my mind. The actual title track 'Shut Up' is not bad but I prefer their ballad 'Light It Up'.

Oh well, not that I mind Xander kept his clothes on... he's pretty hot as he is but if he was to go topless... he would be hotter. Keke.