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11 July 2010 @ 03:43 pm

So Dae Geuk Nam Ah's back last month with 'Stumble Stumble'. Yes, it's another break up song but let's talk about the music video instead. The starting scene with Karem in the locker room pretty much reminded me of Hug, AGAIN. Oh and, did I mention that their song title sounds very much like 'Bingeul Bingeul'?

Now I'm not bashing them but how many times have their agency promote them using the slogan 'the second DBSK'? As Alexander of U-Kiss mentioned, DBSK can never be replaced so why can't they just be D-NA instead of living under DBSK's shadows?

Still, I love these boys. They have great potential. Mikka's vocal is awesome and he reminded me of Jae Jung during 'Rising Sun'. Karem's dance is the strongest (personal opinion) and he reminded me of Junsu, too, during Rising Sun with their latest concept.

But I feel that their live performance is a bit weak. They should work on their stamina. Jay would need to pump in a bit more energy into his raps.

But seriously if these boys wanna gain more attention, they really need to shed off the 'second DBSK' concept and just be themselves... otherwise listeners will never remember them as Dae Geuk Nam Ah...
23 June 2010 @ 12:43 am
Don't get me wrong girls... I still pretty much adore Xiah Kim Junsu.

But it's just that after attending U-Kiss fanmeeting yesterday, Alexander Lee Eusebio totally fried my brain.

Vanessa, Me and a couple of fans went to chase U-Kiss after they arrived at the airport yesterday. You guys know how big of an Alexander fan I am so I really went all out.

Being a 7 members group, U-Kiss really brought me luck when they reached Singapore. Firstly upon arriving Orchard Hotel, I managed to get into the hotel and pass my handmade gift, Uniqlo Mickey Mouse Tee (shared with Vanessa) and chocolates to him without any security or managers stopping us. (Vanessa plonk the whole 7 bags of Ya Kun cookies to Xander and was too shock to talk to him except for a 'Hi Xander!') Seeing him in person pretty much shock Vanessa and Me. But the part that really makes us so happy was that he personally accepted them and said thank you earnestly. That's something most Korean super stars lack sadly.

Then at the fanmeet, I won a pair of tickets to Sheng Shong Show along with an autographed poster of U-Kiss. Alexander did wrote my name when he autographed my album but sadly spell my name wrongly as 'Mageeline'. Still I forgave him because he remembers the t-shirt that I passed to him at the hotel. I'm really surprise that Alexander's popularity in Singapore rose so quickly over these two years...

Showcase was awesome. We were standing at the side of the stage and the boys were quite near us. Xander can't seems to hear me calling out to him =.= But I got some nice butt photos of Xander... haha.

Here are some of the photos of Alexader Lee Eusebio the greatCollapse )

When the boys left at the airport... they did a 90 degrees bow to the fans. These boys are really amazing and I'm really positive that one day, they would be a legend just like TVXQ.
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23 May 2010 @ 03:22 am
I'm dedicating this song to everyone who hates Monday. Haha.

Anyways, while everyone is getting excited over Mblaq's new video for their new song 'Y' and Lee Joon's sexy shower scene... I'm totally hyped over the other new songs in their new single.

I personally love this song, 'One Better Day'... the lyrics is about a girl who have just broken up with her boyfriend and this guy who love her told her that it's not the end of the world but would in fact, be a better day because he will be there for her *inserts 'awws'*

Hopefully, tomorrow will be one better day for me as well. Oh how I hate Mondays...
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I would need a 'see no evil' Junsu icon for this...

I would so have to call Kinokuniya first thing tomorrow morning to order July issue of smart magazine =.= *sigh*
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19 May 2010 @ 12:14 pm
These days I've been telling myself, birthday is something I would dread after I hit the 1/4 life crisis... and birthday cakes just makes you very sad because firstly, it reminds you of your age. Secondly, no matter how good the cake is, it will also reminds you of the calories you have to deal with after consuming it. With the age catching up, one knows that it's harder to lose those body fat.

Anywayz, since I've been ask to put up a birthday wishlist... which is the main purpose of this post, you guys will have to bear with my rantings for a while. XD

I personally don't mind anything Junsu or Alexander but er I usually buy them myself with my own hard earn money cuz it's more 'shiok' (singlish for satisfying). But please, no more Mickey Mouse this year. I have no room for them. Mom is threatening to send them straight to Yukiya & Hime's cage as chew toys.

1) Junsu's first solo Japanese single, Xiah. Ordered all versions from HMV Japan and the fan club version from Big East. Hopefully they will send it out soon...

2) U-Kiss Only One Black version Poster. Concubine looks hot in this!

3) Anything Tsumugi (K-On).

4) Wallet - Something black and shiny.

5) Ipod Touch case - My baby is pretty much abused by me haha. It needs a good cover to protect it.

I think that's basically all? I don't really know what else I want...

I mean this year God has already given my two awesome presents (Su & Xan XD) to make up for that big wound on my heart. I also have my babes who were there for me during this black hole period to thank. So I don't think I wanna be greedy.

By the way, for those who have seen my fb post, yes I'm gonna spend my bday at kbox again. I wanna sing tvxq/u-kiss songs for my bday haha so you guys have to bear with me for a few hours.
15 May 2010 @ 02:54 pm
U-Kiss are coming to Singapore in June again!!!

But before that, I think the recent episode of Pops in Seoul totally killed me... Xander and the boys had to play a game of 'love confession' and we see Kevin confessing his love to Xander with a 'hand kiss'...

This is like a declaration of war to a certain idiotic Pinoy dj who called them gay. Oh well...

The boys would soon have a long lines for Kiss Mes waiting to play to play this game with them... oh the love.
02 April 2010 @ 02:02 am

I've been replaying this song constantly on my ipod these days... Kevin was so young back then!

Listening to this song makes me wanna really packed up everything here in Singapore and head to Korea (or any other country) to study haha.

It's a pity Xing's a rotational group with members joining and leaving constantly. The Xing era with Kevin was so much better with the strong vocals. Too bad the members each went on different paths.

Still, as a U-Kiss fan I can't complain because if Kevin and Kibum didn't leave Xing, they won't be in U-Kiss now.
27 March 2010 @ 02:46 am

Congrats to all Beauties. You girls must be so proud of your Beasts!

These boys totally deserve it!!! Those netizens who had once called them the "2nd grade band" would probably be eating their own words now.

I never believe in grading people who work hard for their own achievements. They may have failed once but here they are proofing themselves that they too can make it to number one.

Those tears really just sums up how much hardships they have put into just to achieve their dreams. I agree with the mods of Seoul Beats. Ki Kwang's way of crying is absolutely graceful.

Now if only my U-Kiss boys gets a mutizen or something...
15 March 2010 @ 11:18 pm
One and a half months more to go.Collapse )

Hopefully, 1st May won't be disappointing.
This past weekend is like a massive energy drainer.

I had to rush down to IMM after work to queue overnight just to get Shinee's 'Year of Us' album. Nevertheless, the fanclub and Warner Music screwed up everything again and even though they told us to go back the next day at 8am, some other fans still get to go in even though they were much later than most of us in the queue. *vomits blood*

The showcase itself was not bad, though the boys only performed 3 songs, selfish fan girls who climb up barricades pretty much block my view of everything. I think Minho for being so tall though, I managed to see him among the sea of crazy fans.

So after that, me, Faye and her friend Xin Hui went to chase the boys. They pretty much stayed in their hotel till 8 plus and headed to Clarke Quay's Jumbo for dinner.

I was so shock to see the boys right in front of me that all I could do was wave at Minho... and I forgot my camera. *Aish* Seriously Minho was the only one who smiled. And later Jung Hyun too. I can't really blame them though, they are tired and those teenage fans are just absolutely crazy. They then headed to Changi airport for their 11pm flight via the VIP exit. Very superstar indeed!

I'm keeping my fingers cross that when Junsu arrives, this madness will not happen... though given those young girls... it's really hard to say.
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